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Logo for Jenny Hughes Healing.  Hands cupped around a spiral with sun rays.

Jenny Hughes Healing

Auburn, California

~ What you focus on expands.  Let's grow your wellness! ~

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Home of Lighter Life Coaching

Beautiful Results


"When I found Jenny's healing practice, I was heart-broken from a bad breakup and determined to change my life.  The work we did together was extremely instrumental in the beautiful results I've gotten since then.


I feel more comfortable in my body, got back into shape, lost 45 lbs, and feel motivated again!   Overall my quality of life is much better, and I feel like I have a natural ability to make healthier choices for myself.


If you are finding yourself in need of a reset and things you have tried in the past aren’t working, I recommend trying a new approach and make an appointment with Jenny today."

                                                               ~J.C., Antelope, CA

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My name is Jenny, and I show my high achieving, freedom seeking clients, who are struggling with anxiety and it's challenging effects, how to feel more comfortable in their body, improve their mental and emotional states, and increase overall well being and quality of life!


Stress in our minds and tension in our bodies are the top blockers to our vital health and well being.  Through teaching effective strategies for optimizing the functioning of the nervous system, I Love watching my clients transform their lives!

You are here, because on some level, you are ready to experience the next best version of you. That You who feels the satisfaction of progress and moving in a positive direction.

Consultations are complimentary, and it's easy to work with me!  Text or call call me at (530) 389-4141.

Prefer a sneak peek?  Join my community to receive an 11 minute audio process that will guide you in a powerful and easy way to increase ease in your body!

Picture of Jenny Hughes

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."
                                ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

What People are Saying

C.K., Sacramento, CA

“Jenny’s kind and understanding assistance has led me to move beyond my immobility. I found a new job and lost 20 lbs. I am in a financial position to purchase a home again. I even started to date again! Thanks Jenny! Your gentle encouragement has given me the confidence to jump back in my life in full force.”

K.M., Grass Valley, CA

"Jenny has a unique and profound ability to get who you are and where you are in your life. Her presence and listening skills are remarkable. The Clarity session I had with her left me with a deep feeling that she got me, and that she cared about me and my life...My life has transformed to one of grace, peace and success."

M.L.​, Seattle, WA

“Before I came to Jenny, I was so afraid to write proposals, I would literally shake. Thanks to Jenny’s transformative techniques and guidance, one year later, I am making my goal salary, have spoken at conferences, am a published poet and about to publish my first book. I also had over $80,000 in debt miraculously paid off!”

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Contact:  530.389.4141   •

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