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Activate the Generous & Loving Energy of Money

Dear Friends, You're invited to a special event with my teacher, Sarah McCrum! For a little over a year, I've been part of her weekly coaching sessions. There are always a variety of issues that are brought up (not just money), and I am always impressed with how she guides people to a new and uplifting perspective. Below you will find more information about the event and a link for the registration page, if you are interested. I believe her work is vitally important for the evolution that humanity is going through at this time. The event originally happened in July With Love, Jenny

P.S. This event ran in July 2022, and per this posting the session was still available on the Shift Network.

Activate the Generous & Loving Energy of Money: Ignite the Healing Power of Financial Abundance to Experience Expanded Happiness & Creative Flow What if there was a deeper paradigm of understanding money that aligned with your spiritual beliefs and could heal your sense of lack, challenge, or misalignment you may feel around money? That shift of paradigm is at the heart of leading author and money consciousness teacher Sarah McCrum’s work. Rather than seeing money as a cold or destructive force, Sarah sees it as a conscious entity that wants to help your soul accomplish what it’s here to do. As you adopt this perspective — instead of fighting subconscious beliefs that hold you back from financial freedom — you can align yourself with money as a positive ally, setting the stage for magic to happen. You’ll discover precise and practical methods to clear unhealthy imprints in your energy field, expand your vibrational capacity, and receive the loving energy of money.

During this free mind-expanding online event, you’ll:

  • Understand how guilt, shame, and judgment around money keep you stuck, leaving you unable to face money and receive its love and generosity

  • Discover how money is aligned with and connected to the deep wishes of your soul and your true purpose

  • Experience a guided healing to clear blocks around money and raise your vibration to align with the energy of love

  • Find out why making beautiful requests is the most natural way to engage with the energy of money — and how to do this so it works for you

  • Receive grounded insights about money triggers and cultural patterns which you may be unwittingly buying into — and how to release money blocks

From Sarah’s perspective, the energy of money is loving, generous, and abundant beyond your imagination. It is infinite, constantly available to every human being on the planet, and waiting for you to wake up and see it for what it really is. Once you recognize the deeper nature of money, you can let go of unhealthy imprints in your energy field that may be associated with childhood experiences, family patterns, and media-driven culture. RSVP for free at the Shift Network:

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