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Does Your Mind Need A Shower?!

Is stinkin' thinkin' keeping you focused on what you don't want? If you said yes, I'm not surprised. We humans are prey animals and wired to pay attention to problems. And what you focus on, you create more of...

What can we do?!

The short answer is breathe. More specifically, use your breath to relax and find ease in your body. When you relax, old energy is released and new energy is allowed to flow in.

Think of it as an energetic shower.

And when you focus on ease, you invite more of your body to participate in ease. It's really very simple, and we are TERRIBLE at it! Me included! LOL

We are so convinced that our problems and our to do lists are the most important thing we need to focus on.

Take just a few minutes a day for simple breathwork, to promote more flow of ease and wellness in your life! For powerful ways to do this, attend one of my workshops.

Upcoming events are listed my Eventbrite page.

May your New Year be full of delightful surprises!

Cheers from Jenny Hughes Healing

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