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Dreams & Insights on the Mind

After an eye-opening webinar with author and dreamworker Toko-pa, I have a renewed interest in paying attention to my dreams! The night before the class, I went to bed with the intention to remember my dreams, and my dreams DID NOT disappoint!!

They showed me fish, which represent insights from the subconscious mind, water (emotions; the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy), and an octopus (suggests being entangled in a difficult matter with clouded judgement).

There were deeper insights as well, when I recognized how these symbols were showing up in the dream...Good Stuff!!! The synchronicities around this topic lately have become too numerous to count! You all know how much I adore synchronicities!😁

grasshopper on a deck
Large Grasshopper Ophir, CA Sept 2023

Later that day I was visited by the enormous grasshopper pictured above! The site Dream Moods says this creature "symbolizes freedom, independence or spiritual enlightenment. Alternatively, it indicates your inability to settle down or commit to a decision." Well folks, I can find truth in all of this...

Ever since I trained with Colette Baron-Reid in her Master Intuitive Coach Institute, I've enjoyed looking up the symbolic meanings of things from both my dreams and my waking life.

Sadly, I'd gotten away from it in recent years, as my mind has grappled with my financial and other perceived problems in my life. (Michael Singer teachings are currently helping me a lot. See my Lovin' It section below!)

Toko-pa has made me realize that our dreams are more important than we're lead to believe. It's time to come back to paying attention to our dreams, and encouraging them to give us the insights we are so desperately looking for!

Did you know that one of my favorite Insight Sessions to guide is focused on dreams? Book yours today (see the Life Coaching services section)!

Dream My Friends!

With Love,


P.S. See rest of the Oct 2023 newsletter, including "Lovin' It" section by clicking the button below:

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