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Take Healing Into Your Own Hands... Literally!

Self care can be easy AND powerful!


I am STOKED to be able to offer a new, self paced class for the healing skills that helped me to STOP having panic attacks. They also keep me feeling great in my body, and make it easier for me to connect with my inner wisdom.

Visit the PROGRAMS area of my website to learn more and register for the program.

Evolutionary Personal Care, which we affectionately call EPC, is part of the ELAN Healing system (Extraordinary Living Advanced Neurology).


This wonderful work has been developed over the last 20+ years, and the research reflects it's effectiveness for supporting people's healing journey. 


Now, we're not limited by location, because the video course makes EPC available to anyone with a computer, and a willingness to learn a few new strategies!


For those who desire to help others, there is also opportunity for certification to use the system with their own clients.

Wishing you and yours a wonder-full holiday season and rewarding new year in 2024!

With Love & Appreciation,


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