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The Decoy Basket

We have an Easter tradition to hide the gift baskets, and our kids have to follow a series of clues (hidden in plastic eggs) to find them.

The hunts have gotten harder over the years, and since my youngest started high school last fall, we really had to ask... Is she too old to get an Easter basket?!

Well, she was horrified that I was considering NOT doing it, so I was amused when my sweetheart showed me a post about older kids receiving a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies LOL!

The picture shows the 'decoy' basket my daughter found, and did NOT appreciate at all! She even scolded me for putting 'used' supplies in it! 🤣

Let's face what's real...

It's hard to motivate ourselves to clean house! And I'm not just talking about our physical house; it's true for our inner home too! We don't often think to use tools like meditation and breathwork by ourselves...

and yet these practices are KEY to our health and well being. They provide the energetic cleaning that most of us were never taught to do!

My joy is to make it easier for you to clean house, and find more ease and enjoyment in your life! (Interestingly, inner clean up magically helps clean up physical spaces too!)

The "Release Anxiety & Heal" playshop at Melissa Moon's lovely studio last month went so well, we are holding it again! We would love to have you join us!

Upcoming events are listed on my Eventbrite.

Believe me when I say EVERYONE benefits when you spend some time on this important work.

With Love,

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