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The Vital Life!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

If you love the experience of learning, combined with a loving community of amazing people, there is some great news from Graceful Health; home of ELAN Healing school program… Drs. Andrew and Naomi Downey have made the leap to providing hybrid classes, meaning you can attend classes in person at their lovely center in Newcastle, CA OR remotely via Zoom! The Vital Life program is a distillation of 25 years of their study of important research on all aspects of life and wellness, including neuroimmunology, money systems, and spiritual concepts. I have benefited greatly from this program, and found it to be very valuable in my life! If you would like a sample, they have released a complimentary video of the Child Development talk Andrew gave in Dec 2022. It’s an abbreviated version of the Child Development module of the Vital Life program, which contains information that is…"Foundational and (sadly) not known in (our current) culture." They've made this complimentary video offering, because it's critical information for parents raising children. (It isn’t edited, so it's a little rough, but the information is solid!)

You will especially love the Vital Life program, if you are a wellness practitioner of any kind, because you will learn, and have the opportunity to get certified in, Evolutionary Personal Care (EPC).

This system of healing breathwork has the tendency to shifts lives in profound ways, and is a valuable addition to any health practice.

The program begins Feb. 9, 2023 and will happen live the 1st four Thursdays every month @ 6:30pm Pacific, and 1 Saturday per month 10am-12pm Pacific.

All classes will be recorded on Zoom live and available to students on replay.

The Downey’s are offering this program with a guarantee...

if you aren’t totally stoked by the content, you get a refund!

To learn more, visit their website using the button above, and/or call Dr. Andrew at 916.708.0686

With Love,


P.S. The amazing kayaking picture is of their son Kai!

This month, my LOVIN' IT section is focused on books:

"I Am Her Tribe" by Danielle Doby

..."it is such a push + pull feeling, owning a heart, that wants to break open, and close off simultaneously."

"The Power Of Decision" by Raymond Charles Barker

"For many people, health is not nearly as fascinating as illness." Suzanne Grace introduced me to this classic, and I'm really appreciating the audio book right now!

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