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Year of 7: Nature Speaks!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

By the numbers, we’ve just entered 2023, a year of 7 (2+0+2+3), which means it’s nature’s turn to speak! It’s also a good year for humans to reconnect with nature and themselves; the inner journey.

The inner game is important because the shape, tone, and tension of your physiology is reflected outward in your life. We humans tend to build up unconscious, excess tension, which disrupts the optimal functioning of the nervous system.

The tone we are emitting gets distorted.

Ever get the sense your life is getting more complicated?!

The neurology of light touch used in the ELAN Healing technique, initiates specific tuning of the nervous system to create increasing health and wellness in the body.

Like tuning a fine instrument!

There are easy and powerful skills you can learn to do just that. For my upcoming events, complimentary resources, and more, visit

Wishing you an extraordinary New Year in 2023!

With Love, Jenny

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