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High achieving, freedom seekers will LOVE this powerful and easy way to dial down stress, increase wellness, and promote inner clarity!


In this 40 minute Zoom class, you will learn how to give yourself the gift of self healing facilitation in just a few minutes per day.


The skills are simple and powerful.  They support your immune system, increase your wellness, and help you experience more inner clarity (connection with your inner knowing).


All you need is your breath, your hands, and your focus.


Evolutionary Personal Care (EPC) is a specific system for personal growth and healing. It utilizes 4 aspects; breath, focus, touch and movement, to engage the nervous system and help it develop new patterns of firing. These new patterns of firing occur because of a process of entrainment between functional groups of neurons in your body. This work is powerful, because when a person’s neural network is firing in new, more efficient ways, they perceive reality with greater clarity. Increased clarity leads to healthier decisions and congruent actions.


The EPC technology helps people move forward into a new version of themselves. It allows one to remember and honor that which went before, while embracing new, unknown territory with spine and heart.


Check Jenny's Eventbrite for upcoming live classes!

Meditation For Over-Thinkers Workshop

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