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By The Numbers

Isn't it interesting that our year starts and ends with 1-2-3 months? January & October are 1 months February & November are 2 months March & December are 3 months These numbers make a powerful numerology combination, because they represent 3 complimentary aspects of life; (1) Action, (2) Love, and (3) Creativity. Last night I was pondering (delighting in actually :) the alignment of these numbers with the 3 steps in Law of Attraction: 1 - Ask One is about taking action! Action gives us clarity; you do something and the result gives you what you want, OR makes it clear that you want something else! Action creates appreciation and desire; "Thank you, more of that please!" or "Thank you, something different please!" 2 - It is given Step 2 is not your job, it's the energetic creation of what you have asked for. Therefore, two is the number about the relaxation period after action (which sadly, we tend to believe is unnecessary and lazy). The truth is, it's a very important step and a time for self care and tuning into your intuition. 3 - Receive In order to manifest what you've asked for, you have to be an energetic match to it. The number 3 is the fun-loving, child-like energy. The best way to align your energy with what you want is to be playful, curious, and creative! It's pretty simple on paper, but our negative bias and fears keep us focused in the wrong direction, and believing we have to work harder. We work harder and create more stress in our minds and tension in our bodies. It seems to be the challenge of being human to find ways to break this vicious cycle! In this 2 month of February, allow yourself to slow down and breathe. Know that all the action you took and challenges you faced in January put in your requests for what you desire! Have faith that those requests were received! Take time to love yourself with self care and to connect lovingly with others. Grow your compassion. At Jenny Hughes Healing, the 2021 monthly Health Talks will continue on Zoom, 1st Thursdays @ 6pm, and Self Healing Skills class 3rd Thursdays. Register on Eventbrite or RSVP with Jenny by text (530) 389-4141 Jenny's Eventbrite

Another great way to love yourself and break the stress cycles in your mind is by using affirmations. Check out my latest video for an enthusiastic rant about how to create really effective affirmations!

What I'm Lovin' this month "Happy Lady Parts" Master class with Isa Herrera MSPT,CSCS- International Best Selling Author and America's #1 Pelvic Healer

Happy Valentines! Cheers, Jenny

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