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I Was ASTONISHED By The Numbers

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

ELAN Healing practitioners really Love to know that we are doing great work. That is why we do research! A great way to know how a client is doing in your care is to track their Quality of Life. Practice members are given a Quality of Life survey at the beginning of care (for the baseline), and a several more specific points in time.

How would you like to improve how you feel in your body by 14%? What about feeling 20% better in your mental & emotional state? Could you use a 20% improvement in your stress levels?!

These are the average shifts seen at the 2 month mark with people in care. The Quality of Life numbers increase by 18% on average, and continue to go up! These numbers have remained repeatable and consistent over the past 20 years, and to me they are profound.

I have adopted this important system in my new Healing Facilitation practice, and just got to compare my first baseline survey to a 2 months in care...According to her follow up survey, she is feeling 55% better in her body, 90% better mentally, and her stress levels are down by 57%.

I was literally astonished when I saw these numbers, and had to check my calculations! So much for any lingering doubt I had about my ability to do this work!

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