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Lucky or ?

This time of year you hear a lot about allergies. I’ve always felt lucky in this department, only occasionally feeling like I had the symptoms of hay fever. At one point years ago, I remember thinking, “Uh oh, do I have adult onset allergies? Is this going to get worse and worse?!”

Now I rarely experience allergies, and it’s got me looking at what I do in my life that I know supports my immune system.

Here are my spring time “Lucky Charms”:

  • Regular ELAN Healing care - every visit reduces stress in my mind, optimizes the tension in my body, and teaches or reinforces neurological strategies for managing the stresses this life puts on us! (Want to learn how to give yourself some ELAN Healing care?! Come to my CLASS on Thursday at 6pm!)

  • Warm lemon water in the morning - lemons are full of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which in combination act as a natural antihistamine and natural decongestant.

  • I also enjoy local honey in my tea; it’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and help with coughs. Some say ingesting local honey acclimatizes your body to the local pollens.

  • Peppermint has anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties, so I love to add a drop or 2 of this essential oil to my diffuser.

  • When I want to feel like bad-ass home DIYer, I head over to the local hardware store and pick out a ‘custom’ HVAC air filter; one that filters out the specific irritants that people in my family have issues with (yeah, I’m not really into home projects that are more complicated than that LOL)

Things I avoid include mucus-producing foods and drinks like dairy products, sodas and beer. (Notice it says avoid...I’m not claiming that I never consume these items ;)

You know yourself best. What works for me, may not be your cup of tea. The important thing is to ask yourself, “How can I support my health?”

I’d love to know what your springtime lucky charms are; drop me a note at!

Cheers, Jenny

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