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Only Love Is Real

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Heart made from flowers
Image credit to Alamin Rume on Pixabay

According to A Course In Miracles, every thought, every action is coming from either Love, or a cry for Love. Fear is a cry for Love. Anxiety is a cry for Love. Lashing out is a cry for Love. (Good to know when it comes to relationships!) Where do we find the love when we need it? INSIDE. Do you notice how we tend to look for it outside of ourselves?! "Lookin' for Love in all the wrong places" as the song goes! Put your attention on your heart for a moment... that incredible organ pumps 24/7 for you! (No matter what you're thinking or doing.) Talk about unconditional Love! Did you ever try putting your hands on your heart and asking it to help you? The energy of your heart is an amazingly powerful resource. I'm super excited this month to be teaming up with my good friend and colleague in ELAN healing, Melissa Moon. She has a beautiful healing studio in Auburn, and we're going to meet there the evening of Monday March 21, 2022 to guide a powerful playshop! We'd love to have you join us! With Love, Jenny

Image credit to Alamin Rume on Pixabay

Events at Jenny Hughes Healing Eventbrite

or RSVP with me directly (530) 389-4141

Liberate Humanity is Sarah McCrum's newest passion program. The March 2022 series is called, "The Skills of Liberation: Navigating 2022 and Beyond." Learn More Sarah's book club is gifting the 1st four chapters of her book, "Love Money, Money Loves You." Gift Page "Conversations About Money" A series of video interviews with very interesting stories of people shifting their beliefs around money! Go To Series

LOCAL to Auburn, CA Portlight Business Services My new part time gig with Joy Yun! She is a wonderful lady to know, and excellent with Quickbooks. I'm enjoying learning and helping out in her beautiful little office space inside the Gold Country Mall building. 884 Lincoln Way, Suite 31, Auburn, CA

Outsourced Financial Operations, Bookkeeping, Small Business Consulting and Notary Services in Auburn, California

Video Interviews have become one of my favorite business activities, as you never know what stories and insights will pop up when two or more are present talking about health and wellness! Click the link below to go to my channel playlist for video interviews!

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