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Start Here First!

NO ONE can get people into a pumped up state like Tony Robbins!

Last week I participated in his "Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge," and it brought back great memories of being at the live "Unleash The Power Within" event at the Los Angeles Convention Center back in 2015!

One of the nuggets of wisdom that came from the challenge is something people usually do in the wrong order...

Tony's 3 S's To Create A Breakthrough:


When you start here, the tyranny of HOW? leads to uncertainty, a crummy STORY, and crappy STATE.


If your story is about why it won't work, then it won't work. Change your story, change your life!


START HERE! When you get in a great state, it becomes possible to create a great story, and find great strategy.

Have you noticed how things tend to fall into place when you're having a great time? Your state of mind matters!

If you need help with step one, creating great states, ELAN Healing can help!

See Jenny Hughes Healing upcoming events on Eventbrite, and below are the LOVIN' IT resources for Feb 2022.

  • Tony Robbins 15 minutes daily primer is a great way to get into a good state!

  • The Auburn, CA Chamber of Commerce - Last year, I attended a chamber ribbon cutting for Moon Healing Studio. You should have seen the number of chamber ambassadors that showed up for the event and made it special! I knew it was time for me to join this supportive, local organization, and I'm enjoying monthly events that make it easy and fun to meet new people!

With Appreciation,


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