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The Mermaid Was Driving Me Crazy

My daughter has a mermaid, and she lives in our shower. More specifically, her home was the wall mount soap dish, where she was usually left to grab on to the first body part that came near. I was constantly knocking her out of her shell-themed throne. I couldn't bring myself to evict her, even though I thought about it...often (insanity, I know!)

Then one magical day, I stepped into the shower to find that my daughter had found a new home for her in the shampoo rack!

My appreciation for this one little thing was OFF THE CHARTS, and it made me realize something important…

If appreciation is a key to a more fulfilling life, I am personally thrilled to discover that it doesn't take much to feel a bunch of it!

What little thing can you appreciate today, and can you allow yourself to make it a BIG, SILLY DEAL?!

We have just started a 3 month, and by the numbers, it's about fun-loving, playful, child-like energy. Let curiosity, creativity and fun rule the days for a bit, and see what magic unfolds in your life! I know I could benefit by taking myself less seriously LOL!

Cheers & Happy Spring!


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