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The Path of Healing

Usually when people seek out healing, they are wanting to get rid of some symptom that is interfering with their life. The goal is to make it go away so they can get back to business as usual.

The main problem with focusing on a specific problem, is that what you focus on expands. Pushing against something actually gives it energy. And ironically, you end up getting in the way of healing, because at an energetic level, the symptoms ARE the healing!

If you are in a situation where medical tests are being done, a wonky lab result can be scary, but actually may mean that some beneficial reorganization is happing in the nervous system! Change is a good thing!

The best thing you can do for yourself is daily periods of RELAXATION. We are notoriously bad at this... we make the to do list a top priority (because we think our value is attached to it), and our idea of relaxing is having a glass of wine in front of the TV at the end of the day.

The kind of relaxation I'm talking about is when you take time to connect with your inner self and your body. A time when you can actually FEEL your energy drop down into the earth in a grounding way.

"Most healing happens in tiny, insignificant moments of relaxation or letting go."

~Sarah McCrum in her ebook

"From Healing Individuals to Healing Humanity"

Lasting change is much easier in small chunks, where each small step is a moment of kindness to yourself.

Release that old belief that having some form of dis-ease means you did something wrong. It actually means that life is upleveling, and it's a time of facing the unknown.

It's much healthier to look at the unknown with curiosity, rather than trying to scramble back to where you were. Develop the habit of being open; the way you are when you start something new that you're excited about!

Unsure where to start? Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

With Love,


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